Sunday, February 12, 2012

Balancing Teaching with Creating

I have begun a new semester as a teacher at GSU.  I have 22 people in painting classes and 5 of them hope to graduate this semester.  All of them  are 2nd level or above in their plan of study.  I am busy doing demos of techniques that might be included in their paintings to help them reach beyond their comfort zones while at the same time developing more refined technical skill.  Seniors are busy completing the work for their senior exhibition and learning about how to pull together an exhibition and present their work in a gallery setting.  Teaching is exhausting physically and creatively, but still energy must be found to be productive as an artist.
Sometimes, working with others actually enhances my creative energy and sometimes it drains me.  I am currently continuing work on my Vision Manifested series.  In this work, I am continuing to search for the imagery by working freely with the medium until an inspiration comes for how to "finish" the work.  I think of these as mindscapes because they usually reference the natural world.  I really enjoy the textures.