Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rising Tides & Setting Suns

Rising Tides & Setting Suns, mixed media, 28" x 21". To see more of Donna's artwork, visit her website.

This painting was inspired by the gulf oil spill and its affect on the environment and economy of the area.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Warm November Wind

Warm November Wind, watermedia acrylic w/rice paper, 21" x 14". To see more of Donna's artwork, visit her website.

Warm November Wind was inspired by the warm breezes of the fall season in the south; breezes that carry colorful leaves drifting down to coat the ground.  It is a season of quiet waiting as if the whole world id preparing for the sleep of winter.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Thoughts Continued

Celebration of the Dragonfly, Acrylic, 10 X 14 (Image)
To see more of Donna's artwork, visit her website.

This summer I have been spending a lot of time around my backyard meditating on life, insects, fish and other things.  One night I heard a noise and, when I looked to see what was there, I discovered a pair of tiny baby raccoons, like hump-backed kittens pouncing on leaves or insects (I never saw the mother).  A little green dragonfly that was not afraid of me behind the camera lens and let me approach until we were lens to face.  Butterflies and hummingbirds sipping from flowers.  A snake (ugh!), a tortoise or two that wandered through and several kinds of frogs.  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Thoughts


Some People are Dragonflies, Acrylic, 10 X 14 inches ( Image)
Some are Just Frogs, Acrylic, 10 X14 inches (Image)
Paintings from backyard visitors.  To see more of Donna's artwork, visit her website.
Life is cyclical.  Some cycles are continuous; some are broken and start again. Dragonflies, butterflies, frogs experience different stages of life, metamorphosis or change as they mature.   One of the themes in my work is change, evolution or transformation.  Humans also change as they progress through life.  There is a lot of difference between the innocent baby, the adventurous or unruly teenager, the young adult, and the senior.  As babies we all are pretty much the same, but as we mature life and choices shape us until we are very different.  Some people become dragonflies, some butterflies, and some are just frogs.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mystery of the Dragonfly

Mystery of the Dragonfly, watermedia: acrylic, 10 X 14 inches (image size). To see more of Donna's artwork, visit her website.

I have always been intrigued by dragonflies.  In my small backyard pond, I have watched them transform from nymph into dragonfly and spread their lacy wings.  A few years ago I read a meditation from  And God Saw that It Was Good by Carlo Carretto (edited), "What, pray, do you know about dragonflies? Or what happens when they die? What if, at that moment, there were high festival? What if pain turned into joy. What if death became life, more life, all life? " Of course he was speaking metaphorically about human life, all life, and death.  I think and paint metaphorically or symbolically.  The painting above is one of six dragonfly paintings, and it celebrates the mystery of life with its contrasts of light and dark that bring about change. Just "what" do we know?

Not Even the Dragonfly

Not Even the Dragonfly, mixed media, 2l.5" x 14.5". To see more of Donna's artwork, visit her website.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Moving Toward Quiet

Moving Toward Quiet, watermedia acrylic, 21" x 14". To see more of Donna's artwork, visit her website.

Moving Toward Quiet is inspired by a time in the high desert right after sunset. Reflected light from the sky remains and some colors are still bright, but everything is quiet just before night begins.