Thursday, August 3, 2017

Painting Intuitively


I have been working on several large pieces trying to allow the paint and the process to retain their importance while allowing the universe to have input into the image.  This  involves applying colors without any preconceived outcome in mind.  At first I try to work freely responding quickly to the paint.  I choose colors that I find interesting when placed beside each other and also when mixed together.  For this painting, I chose Magenta, Yellow-green, and Blue-violet.  I mixed muted colors and tints from these colors to create options for contrast in value and intensity.  Of course I have repainted some sections, usually by pouring another paint over the one underneath.  There is very little brushwork involved in the beginning.  I have added a little stronger yellow-green and cooler muted blue violet.  I am at the stage of waiting for inspiration on what to do next while working on another painting. I like the top part of the painting, but am not sure it I want it to retain such an obvious Landscape feel.  Landscape is my comfort zone, so I may want to develop the bottom more to move away from such an obvious suggestion.   Right now waiting is important. (Feel free to comment and make suggestions)