Thursday, July 27, 2017

New Painting Working Large

New Painting
 When in college I was experimenting with various types of watermedia on paper and bought a large roll of WC paper, 51 inches by 10 yards.  So finally I've challenged myself to use this paper.  This piece is about 36 X 42 inches, fluid acrylic, with thin layers and washes.
For several years I have been approaching painting with the idea of following where the paint or universe or accident leads me.  I like the icy greens and the soft contrast of the reds.  Working large and loose is a challenge.   I have had trouble finding a large, rigid, lightweight board for mounting while working. For some reason, I thought Rigid Foamcore came in 40 X 60 inch size.  I am using a lot more paint and larger brushes.  Keeping it wet for a long period is difficult.  While I am working in one area something unexpected & undesirable happens in another area.  I think I have finally solved most of the problems and am happy with the final product. I have 3 more large pieces in progress.  Challenging and fulfilling.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Color From a Found Object

Spontaneous Landscape Using Colors From a Found Object

This 5 X 7 inch painting was done using fluid acrylics, without a reference photo, to demonstrate one of the color exercises in my Color Workshop. For the painting I chose colors from a silk scarf.