Sunday, January 20, 2019

Painting en Plein Air

Painting en Plein Air is an enriching way to learn more about painting, especially color and light. People who are new to painting on location often struggle with the aspect of changing light and how to capture the scene quickly.  They also seem less confident with drawing skills.  My next workshop at Linden Plantation will focus on drawing value studies with paint.  We will create value studies outdoors en plein air (weather permitting) and indoors from photographs.   With a few color notes, these value studies can then be developed into paintings in the studio. This process will give participants an opportunity to make comparisons between working onsite and working from photographs.

Peggy Burns has attended 3 workshops in the Linden series
“I attended Donna McGee’s workshop at Linden Plantation in MS and the venue was so beautiful and inspiring.  I had never done plein air painting before, but will from now on.  Donna opened my eyes to a new way of seeing and experiencing nature. The light and colors viewed while painting onsite are so rich and vibrant, while a photo taken at the time looks so washed out.  Donna provides instruction to meet each person at their own individual artist level. It was a great weekend, I learned a lot and hope to do it again in the future” Peggy Burns on Painting en Plein Air at Linden Plantation-- Peggy Burns, Spring 2018

Peggy's Paintings 
Tree Shadows Linden

Sunflower Field Linden

John Henry Slough

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